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DS106 (Digital storytelling) is an open, online course held at the University of Mary Washington, that a person can join or leave at any time throughout the year. Other than this, I am still a little unclear about what DS106 is really all about. My understanding is that it is a digital platform for storytelling, in which you are given prompts to write, photograph, record, or video about. It is on the internet, so you will be placing yourself in the network of the class and probably the rest of the internet, which will allow a networked conversation and many views of your projects.

The things that I thought were most interesting about the class are that this class is completely free, you can guide yourself throughout the course working at your own pace, which allows for no time limit and no grade. You are also welcome to join and leave the class whenever it best suits your learning needs, which to me, makes this class something that you do for yourself and for fun. I do, however, feel that this class may be a bit frustrating for those who are not comfortable with using different types of technology resources. I also feel that this class may be challenging for those who struggle with being creative and coming up with unique ideas. I think that the challenge allows for us to get out of our comfort zone and try new things and I think that this results in a feeling of accomplishment.

Due to the fact that today’s society is very technology based, I feel that classes like DS106 are needed, though I have to admit, I am a little nervous to get started with it. I feel that even though this class is geared toward college, the assignments can be altered appropriately for any grade level, and I think that even though the assignments are only supposed to take about fifteen minutes, I feel there will still be a lot of higher level thinking going on, along with, some great collaboration from peers and others on the internet. I would have to do more research and exploring/ practicing myself before I did something like this with my students, just because I am not very comfortable with DS106 at the current time. I would also do mini lessons with each tech resource that I would ask my students to use, before we moved onto the assignments. Even though, my students will most likely have a better grasp of the technology that we would be using than I do, I still wouldn’t want to throw them into their assignments without them having a clear understanding of their expectations.

All-in-all, I agree that DS106 is great way to spark creativity, even if I am nervous to get started with the class. It will force me to get outside my comfort zone and allow me to become familiar with different technology resources. However, I am going to have to do some more research on it before I get started on my assignments.






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  1. jaylinnlohrdigitalliteracy says:

    great post! you really explained ds106 really well 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, thank you! I really don’t feel like I understand it very well, but maybe I have a better grasp on it than I thought!

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