8 Weeks of Digital Lit

2577006675_b5dd38dca6_zPhotoCC- By Kevin Dooley

What an information packed class! I had no idea what to expect, but I would say that I thought it would be more focused on literature in a digital form (e-books) and more like previous English classes I have taken. I was definitely wrong in my assumption and though I was wrong, I was not disappointed in my findings. However, I have had to get use to the idea of blogging and tweeting for my assignments, which is something that I had never done before.

Let’s talk about blogging. I can’t say that it is my most favorite thing to do, but it’s not the worst thing either. It does make me nervous that my writing is out there posted for the world to see, because I don’t feel extremely confident in my writing skills. I also don’t like that I don’t receive feedback about my writing from the teacher, because I am not sure what needs to be improved. As stated earlier, I have never blogged before, so I don’t really know what I am doing, even though it does seem easy enough. I do like being able to read my classmates thoughts and findings because everyone has a different perspective on each topic. I have also liked reading the other blogs that I have followed, there really is an immense amount of information out there!

Now, on to tweeting. I also have mixed emotions about Twitter. I like the fact that tweeting makes you get straight to the point, you don’t have the opportunity to fluff your writing, it makes it easier to read and understand. It seems that a lot of the class says close to the same things whether they agree or disagree on the topic. I don’t feel like there is much thought variation. I’m just not sure how to feel, I am not sure I am gaining a lot from tweeting, but I am glad that I have had the opportunity to learn how to use it and utilize it.

I would say that I had a difficult time with the PLN project. I struggled with finding and following 100 new sources that were actually valid and full of insight. I also feel like I am going to struggle with keeping up with my 3o day daily create challenge. There is some technology that is going to be used that I am not very familiar with. I also get stumped with being creative, so it will be challenging. With that being said, I feel that this challenge will be the most interesting module along with being the most rewarding. I hope that I can achieve some educational growth and confidence with the new technology used as well.

I hope that for the second half of the semester I can learn more about using technology in the classroom and how to use it as an effective learning/ teaching tool and not a crutch.


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  1. spedlearn says:

    I think you should give yourself a break. You’re post here was well written, in my opinion. You were honest about your feelings on the class in general and all of the specific assignments as well. Do you think you will continue to use Twitter after this class even though you have not had much luck with developing a PLN there?


    1. Thank you. I have never used it for my own personal use of social media, so I am not sure I will after the class, but I think I will continue to check back on the account that I have. I would be open to having students use Twitter like we do though. I don’t think I will ditch it.

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      1. spedlearn says:

        Same here. Although I am not crazy about it I do see the benefits of its use.

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  2. 2shaye says:

    I completely understand feeling out there in the open with your writing. This is one reason why we have never required students to use their full names or clear identifying markers. I’ve had many private students through the years, so I respect that. On the writing guidance, keep in mind that this is a digital literacy course, so it’s primarily focused on the ability to use a variety of digital tools as opposed to specifically developing formal writing skills. Using only 140 characters, utilizing helpful hashtags, commenting on blogs, embedding links/videos, @-tagging classmates on Twitter, etc. — all these little tidbits are part of the digital literacy world and are being used, regularly, in many classrooms across the country. If education majors aren’t exposed, it’s really tough when they land in elementary or high school classroom and are suddenly told they are required to keep up a classroom blog and Twitter account for their students’ parents. Eeek!

    In past semesters I used to comment, publicly, constantly. But I’ve really chilled on that practice, this semester. However, I hope you received e-mail comments at the 4-week mark — they come to your student email, only. I’ve e-mailing this week, as well, and I’m down to the last 5ish students as midterm grades are posted tomorrow. YAY! We’ll have one more blog review toward the end of the semester. If there are glaring issues, that’s when it’s discussed (and there are always opportunities to make corrections for work that was submitted on-time).

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    1. Thank you for the feedback! I do feel that I am learning a lot that I will be able to apply in my future classroom. I was just feeling self-conscious about my writing being out there for everyone to see! HA.


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