Digital Activism

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Digital Activism is when technology and social media are used to bring about social and/or political change. Though activism can be a touchy subject, it really can be used to make a positive impact throughout our personal lives, community, nation, and our world, if we know how to use it wisely and for the right reasons.

Like most, I am guilty of spending an immense amount of time aimlessly scrolling through social media. Though I am on social media, I am not one who is very active, a few likes and shares once in a while, but I don’t plan on trying to implement social or political change in the near future. The reason why, is because I have not been impacted by anything strongly enough to force change. However, many have, and I strongly believe that you need to stand up for what you believe in. Just keep in mind, that not everyone shares those same beliefs and your activism could stir up some disagreement and hate, so be prepared. If I were to be a digital activist, it would most likely be for a social issue such as bullying, depression, or just being positive and knowing that you are going to make it through your tough times.

The thing about being active online is that as soon as it is uploaded or shared, it is out there for the world to see and depending on the impact it leaves for just a few people, your ideas can go viral within minutes. You will have people on board and supporting your stance, or you will have people going against it, either way, you have stood for what matters to you.

After researching Teen Activism, I decided to look further into Buddy Project. Wow, this teen really has really started something marvelous! Buddy Project, is a non-profit movement that aims to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing people as buddies and raising awareness for mental health. Started by Gabby Frost, at the age of 15, Buddy Project was inspired by the comments of  friends voicing their struggle with mental illness, self-harm addiction, and suicidal thoughts, and how her support was always helpful and meaningful. Gabby was also made aware of other’s struggles through Twitter and decided that if she could pair people with a new friend that had the same interests as them, she could possibly prevent people from committing suicide. Though I can only guess that Gabby was a little unsure about her launch of Buddy Project, it has really taken off. When the project started in 2013, teens were paired with a buddy based upon mutual interest and age and as of October 14th, 2016, there are 148,000 people signed up to be paired. Talk about a positive impact being made! I can only hope to one day make a difference like this, I am truly inspired.

Digital Activism can be a really great way to promote change, let’s take the initiative like Gabby did and make a positive difference.



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  1. Jaylinn Lohr says:

    These kids doing their teen activism did a great job! I had a hard time deciding on who I wanted to look more into. I loved what the person you researched did. We need more people like her. Great post.

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    1. I also had a hard time deciding who to further look into, because, let’s face it, they are all doing a great job taking a stance! I commend them and really look up to them for making a difference, it truly is amazing. I agree that we need more people like Gabby!


  2. spedlearn says:

    I really respect the fact that you were honest about the fact that you have never really been involved in any digital activism because you’ve never felt that an issue has really affected you. However, I do feel that there are TONS of issues in our society that while they may not directly affect each of us personally, should be considered and addressed by not only those affected by others who may feel a certain sense of complacency in life.Think about domestic violence, poverty that affects children in our own country and around the globe, animal abuse, environmental issues, etc. Do you think that perhaps you may try to take a stand for one of these issues sometime in the near future?

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    1. I definitely think I will take action to those issues in the near future, however, I am not so sure how active I will be digitally. Through parents and grand parents, I have experienced sending donations to starving communities in Africa or adopting a child through organizations such as World Vision are still extremely helpful, even though it is not taking place digitally. There really are a ton of issues that need to be addressed, I guess it is just something that you have to decide what you really want to support and fight for and take a stance from there.

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      1. spedlearn says:

        That’s awesome that you’ve experienced those kinds of charities. I think even the old school activism is very much alive and well still and should be considered.

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  3. corymartens says:

    I too have never been really involved in being an activist. I continue to read more and more stories like Gabby, it shows how wonderful and hopeful are generation can be! Nice post!


    1. Thank you! I feel so inspired when I read about teens like Gabby.


  4. I agree that it is a great way to promote change. Nice post!

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