Teaching is like Gardening

5787374454_4d2494c2a5_z PhotoCC- By Susy Morris

After looking through multiple metaphors and trying to connect them to my future life as a teacher, I came across two metaphors that I really liked: coaching and gardening. The coaching metaphor that I found states, “To be a great teacher is to be a great coach— to provide structured discipline for learning, to set high standards and define them clearly, to model the intellectual curiosity and openness to new ideas that you expect your students to have, and to help students find their own voices, and unique talents, even though they may differ from your own.” As I have had many great experiences with sports, I personally thought this metaphor fit well with my teaching philosophy. Though I loved this metaphor, I wasn’t set on it for making my digital story, so I kept looking.

I ran across another metaphor that pertained to gardening, that inspired me to find a way to alter it to meet my philosophy as well. My gardening metaphor states, “I believe teaching is similar to gardening. The gardener plants the smallest seeds and nurtures them; keeping them free of weeds, watering them daily, and making sure they have plenty of sunlight. Soon, those small seeds turn into flourishing plants. As teachers, we plant seeds of knowledge and tend to them daily, in hopes that those seeds will continue to flourish forever.”

VideoCC- By Alzada Drane

I chose to think of my future career as planting a garden, because I feel that it is very relevant. We plant the seeds, tend to our garden daily, and eventually we have a beautiful result. However, that beauty only comes with hard work and dedication. As teachers, we have a duty to not teach the stated standards, but to make sure that each and every student is proficient in them. We have to meet those standards in a way that makes learning enjoyable, as well as, something students want to continue to do. We have to plant the seeds of knowledge, weed out the confusion and negativity, water their curiosity and answer their questions, and allow for plenty of sun to encourage our students to keep working hard to achieve their goals. Our hard work and dedication turns out knowledgeable students, who want to continue learning for the rest of their lives.

I have one picture in my video that talks about teaching and planting seeds, and not always being able to see the results until years after. This statement is a bit piercing, as a teacher, you want to know your methods have stuck and see positive results right away, however, that is not always the case, and it is defeating. Just remember that your plant may not be a delicate flower, but is it growing into a strong sturdy tree. Everything takes time, and as a teacher it is important to remember that as long as you are doing your best to meet the learning needs of each and every individual, the rest will come in time. This is why I felt that planting a seed and growing a garden are extremely relevant to my future career as a teacher.


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